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fionajoymusic Turn off the light, take a deep breath.... and relax
fionajoymusic Thanks for joining me here on my music page - I would love you to share this page with your friends. I really...
fionajoymusic Another Fractal Art video
fionajoymusic Thanks Blue Coast Records for making mention of my Independent Music Award nomination for Into the Mist.
fionajoymusic Anyone have a reasonable piano or weighted keyboard they can donate for a project I'm working on with Rebecca...
fionajoymusic RT @Jeff_Oster: FLOW returns to Carnegie on September 28, 2018 - we are SO excited! Learn more at @FLOWTheGroup #fl
fionajoymusic Sneak peak; FLOW will be playing at Carnegie again in September 2018. This peak into an onstage moment from last...