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fionajoymusic The stage backdrop at the Nanjing theatre.
fionajoymusic The highest restaurant in Nanjing. I'm scared of heights - the tour company booked this famous restaurant, if I...
fionajoymusic The beautiful children of Nanjing were delightful. I had 10 of them play for me earlier in the day.
fionajoymusic On stage soon. Full theatre in Nanjing.
fionajoymusic Before the concert in the Nanjing Art Centre.
fionajoymusic Lovely to play in Linyi China last night.
fionajoymusic Excited to be the first Westener to play tonight in the new Linyi concert hall in China.
fionajoymusic Touring China.
fionajoymusic Wow poster bigger than me - outside concert hall in Tanjin China